Review: “Vincent and the Doctor” (2010)

A long time ago, a young man became lord of all space and time. He saw things that no human eye had ever seen; heard what no human ear had ever heard. He danced to the music of the sunlight and stared up at the stars. He listened to songs of sunflowers. His kingdom was vast, and glorious, and dreadful. And he was alone in it...

Conference Papers

“Drawne to the life”: Ghosts, Gold, and Governance in Anthony Munday’s “Chruso-thriambos” (1611)

The following paper was originally presented at the “Making Connections” London Shakespeare Centre Graduate Conference, held at Shakespeare’s Globe, London, February 2018 (the location of the conference is relevant to the content of the paper!). It's one of the most enjoyable things I've written in many years, and I'm proud of what it represents. Enjoy!