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3 Minute Reads // “Does that make sense?” How schoolteaching made me a better academic

When I completed my doctorate, I was still quite new to this teaching malarkey. It wasn't until I re-read my old PhD thesis after several years in the profession that I realised just how much my writing style had changed - and, I believe, improved - as a result of what I'd learnt in the classroom.


The first year of teaching: Five things I wish I’d known…

If you or anyone you know is beginning their Teacher Training or NQT year this September, why not have a look at my series of articles about the exciting and turbulent First Year of Teaching! I share quick ‘n’ easy lesson plans, offer advice on how to navigate a new school, and – most importantly! – share my Top Tips for new Teachers. These are all, I don’t mind saying, based on bitter experience and a history of getting things *wrong*!

Here’s what I wish I knew back then…

Writus Andronicus

Over September and October I will be publishing weekly articles on effective teaching strategies for trainee teachers and NQTs. These are the kinds of things I really wish I’d known way back when I first started out…!
This first entry is a broad overview based on my own experience in the profession, but subsequent articles will offer brief (and, I hope, useful and practical!) examples of lessons, ideas, and resources that saved my bacon on more than one occasion!


The teacher training year can be, to put it mildly, a shock to even the most robust of systems. To be sure, the joys of teaching are unlike those found in other profession, and working in schools can be – and frequently is – an immensely rewarding experience. There is nothing naive or bright-eyed in the assertion that the humble classroom teacher occupies a position of immense worth, and can…

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3-Minute Reads // A love letter to The British Graduate Shakespeare Conference (BritGrad)

When I look back on my first BritGrad conference in 2018, I still struggle to put into words what a profound and lasting effect the entire experience had on me both professionally and personally. BritGrad was, without doubt or hyperbole, a defining moment in my academic journey...