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  • Alsop, James. The Living Dead in Early Modern Drama (London: Routledge, FORTHCOMING 2023)


  • Alsop, James. “Slow Teaching, by Jamie Thom (Review)”. The Use of English, Vol. 71 No 4 (Autumn 2020).
  • Alsop, James. “Shakespeare, Schools, and Student Wellbeing: The Shake-in-a-Day Project”. The Use of English, Vol. 71 no. 3 (Summer 2020). 14-24.
  • Alsop, James. “‘Funeral Baked Meats’: Cannibalism and Corpse Medicine in Hamlet“. Exchanges: The Interdisciplinary Research Journal, Vol. 7 No 2. 153-168.
  • Alsop, James. “Upstart Crow Series 2 (Review)”. Shakespeare Bulletin, vol. 36 no. 2, 2018. 350-354. Project MUSE,


  • June 2020 “Dr James Alsop, Secondary School Teacher”. Beyond Your Research Degree podcast, hosted by Kelly Preece (University of Exeter Doctoral College). Ep. 5, 25th June 2020.
    Listen to the episode here!

  • October 2019 “James Alsop and Elizabeth I’s Living Death”. That Shakespeare Life podcast, hosted by Cassidy Cash, ep. 80, 28th October 2019.
    Listen to the episode here!


  • September 2020 University of Dundee, BA English Literature. Module: “Early Modern Literature 1564-1760”

“Shakespeare, Religion, and the Living Dead

  • May 2017 Lecture presented for the Grays Thurrock Rotary Club at the King Edward VI School, Stratford-upon-Avon.

“Mark Antony and the ‘Alternative Facts’ of Shakespeare’s Rome”


  • June 2019 British Graduate Shakespeare Conference, The Shakespeare Institute, Stratford-upon-Avon

Paper: “Antonio’s Revenge: Marston’s Metatheatrical Ghost Story”

  • May 2018 British Graduate Shakespeare Conference, The Shakespeare Institute, Stratford-upon-Avon

Paper: “Shakespeare, Schools, and Student Wellbeing: the ‘Shake-in-a-Day’ Project”

  • February 2018 “Making Connections” – London Shakespeare Centre Graduate Conference, Shakespeare’s Globe, London.

Paper: “Ghosts, Gold, and Governance: The Living Dead Lord Mayors of Anthony Munday’s Chruso-thriambos

  • September 2016 “Shakespearean Transformations” – British Shakespeare Association conference, University of Hull.

Paper: “‘Funeral baked meats’: Hamlet and the spectre of cannibalism”

  • March 2013 “Devils and Dolls” postgraduate conference, University of Bristol.

Paper: “From ‘foul’ witches to ‘fair’ waifs: The ghostly children of Michael Boyd’s Macbeth” 

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