“Conference With the Dead”: A Brief History of Haunting

This chapter is part literature review, part mission statement: in it, I outline how the notion of a "ghost" would have been understood by somebody living at the turn of the 17th Century. What - or who - *were* ghosts? What did they look like? Where did they come from? Most importantly, I begin to explore how might the various historical, religious, and political significations of the ghost may have influenced the characters we see on the early modern stage...

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Antonio’s Revenge: The Metatheatrical Ghost

In this paper, I argue that throughout Antonio's Revenge Marston establishes a clear relationship between the appearances of ghostly characters and glaring shifts in his play’s tonal register. Specifically, ghosts – primarily the recurring figure of Andrugio – appear to both signpost and facilitate a gloriously self-aware metatheatrical undercurrent designed to entertain and emotionally unsettle the audience in equal measure. 

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“Drawne to the life”: Ghosts, Gold, and Governance in Anthony Munday’s “Chruso-thriambos” (1611)

The following paper was originally presented at the “Making Connections” London Shakespeare Centre Graduate Conference, held at Shakespeare’s Globe, London, February 2018 (the location of the conference is relevant to the content of the paper!). It's one of the most enjoyable things I've written in many years, and I'm proud of what it represents. Enjoy!