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3 Minute Reads // “Does that make sense?” How schoolteaching made me a better academic

When I completed my doctorate, I was still quite new to this teaching malarkey. It wasn't until I re-read my old PhD thesis after several years in the profession that I realised just how much my writing style had changed - and, I believe, improved - as a result of what I'd learnt in the classroom.

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Call for suggestions: PhDilemmas, or, I wish I knew then what I know now…

I'd like to share some of the things that I now know that I wish I'd known five years ago. To be clear: I'm no expert in the field of early career academic guidance. I'm still learning and still making mistakes. All I'd like to do, if I can, is offer some support. I can only speak for myself, but a little guidance here or there would have taken away some of the pre-completion and post-graduation fear, imbued my next steps with a renewed sense of purpose, and perhaps even given me more reason to believe in myself...

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Quick and Effective Lesson Ideas #6 – Four fun ways to demonstrate student progress!

Over September and October I will be publishing articles on effective teaching strategies for trainee teachers and NQTs, offering brief (and, I hope, useful and practical!) examples of lessons, ideas, and resources that saved my bacon on more than one occasion! Previous article in this series: The First Year of Teaching: Five Things I Wish… Continue reading Quick and Effective Lesson Ideas #6 – Four fun ways to demonstrate student progress!

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Quick and Effective Lesson Ideas #4 – Take a student-focused approach to improve your marking efficiency

Two years into teaching, I was in the staffroom scribbling furiously over yet another essay in department-mandated green pen when a colleague asked me a simple question that completely changed my approach to marking. Even better, it ultimately led to my marking becoming faster, more effective, and more efficient!

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Quick and effective lesson ideas #1 – Post-it Pass the Parcel!

This is one of my favourite variations of what Alex Quigley, writer of The Confident Teacher, calls “Post it note pedagogy”. The mileage of this task depends very much on the subject and the topic; while it may not be appropriate for everything on the curriculum, it works a treat when revising concepts that provoke discussion! I sell this to my students (with tongue ever-so- slightly in cheek) as “the educational party game where everyone’s a winner..."