I’m Dr James Alsop, your friendly neighbourhood English teacher! I’ve taught GCSE and A-Level English for the last decade, helping hundreds of students to achieve great grades and embrace a love of learning (and dreadful jokes).

I’ve presented guest lectures at schools and universities, and have published articles on student wellbeing, drama, and literary history.

Explore the links at the top of the page for free commentaries and analyses of GCSE and A-Level texts, as well as occasional literature reviews.

There’s also plenty of support for teachers, including suggestions for quick and effective classroom strategies designed to free up time and improve learning. I’ve made just about every mistake imaginable over the years; hopefully I can help you to avoid doing the same!

All of the content on Writus Andronicus is 100% free, but if you’re enjoying reading my stuff and fancy buying me a coffee then hit the tip button below! I can’t promise that it’ll help me churn out content any more quickly, but, speaking as a new dad, I need all the caffeine I can get right now…!




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